Gaétan Dubé
A word is only a means of conveyance, and is not the traveler. The conveyance is our culture, ideals, beliefs and memory. It takes a shape according to the times in which we live.
If one says the word " Lucifer ", the traveler does not become the spiritual representations conveyed by this word through time.
Thus, if I believe the impression created by the word, I cannot penetrate into the reality of what Lucifer really is. I become a prisoner of the memory of the word or the involutionnary intention of the word.
Yes, in this sense, words have power: to keep us ignorant of mysteries and to divide mankind in his intention to communicate. However, beyond the shape and beyond the reminiscent aspect of the word, reality is there.
This reality is communicated within us through a new principle of reception capable of integrating the traveler without the intervention of the intellect which is too attached to forms.
In time, we shall be sensors of reality instead of gorging ourselves with more or less indigestible forms which manage to divide us in our communication.
In the meantime, let’s use form within this awareness and let’s try to be less naïve of its involutionnary intention.
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