To write without a net

Gaétan Dubé


To write without a net is to recognize the principle of communication within oneself…


This principle has the effect of creating a new communication space in which each individual can speak according to his own vibration level without worrying about the reception of the message.  This happens because along the way the receiver, as well of the issuer, will come out of their psychological attitudes, which will enable them to take over the creative conversation.  Thus the conversation becomes creative, not progressive.


That’s when the word "creativity" takes all its potency and that many individuals will be able to cease protecting themselves from the action of their own intelligence. It is a curious phenomenon to see intelligent people deliberately dilute their intelligence to avoid feedback. This new interface of communication or this ground of communication will exponentially advance life because psychological time will see itself uprooted.


It’s a process in which the vibration supports the action and not some unspecified intention. It’s another time.




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