The vibratory change

In an evolutionary process

Gaétan Dubé


In the context of “evolutionary psychology”, we often talk about the concept of “vibratory change”.


A vibratory change is mainly the mourning of a mood, a state of mind.


A vibratory change allows the individual to be more impenetrable to moods or atmospheres created in the mind by events or by involutive programming, hence the idea of evolution.  Up until now and for progression purposes, life programming has always been the means by which man’s higher self expresses itself in psychological space-time.  The involutive ego would never inflict upon itself a vibratory change.  In a manner of speaking, the vibratory change is a top-down process.


A vibratory change is the result of an energy movement which recuperates the energy’s differential or range of the soul’s rhythm for the creation of a new, more transparent or luminous interface between the cosmic and the material dimensions.  This new interface can be called the double or the higher self.


Soul’s rhythm


In every vibratory change, the ego perceives a leveling of this curve by the decrease of certain moods. For example: you used to have a passion for music or guitar and, one morning, you look at your instrument without feeling the slightest desire to play it.  The ego living this new condition may experience a form of loss or a drop in enjoyment of life.  The polarity experienced by the ups and downs associated with the practice of this instrument is neutralized.  The energy’s differential is recovered for the real benefit of the ego and not for the benefit of the soul.


A vibratory change is surgical, precise; it aims where the differential of the soul’s energy is strong. The soul always creates events with high potential for moods or atmospheres, making us go through the rollercoaster of polarity. This was done with a purpose of progression in the matter; that is to create enough high-performance experiences in the form of life programming.  We are talking about progression and not evolution because, to go from point A to point B, the individual must live ups and downs. So, between point A and point B, there is an energy’s differential or a sum of energy that has served primarily to the evolution of the soul and not the individual’s evolution in the matter.  The reversal of this condition is in motion.  The recovery of the energy’s differential is called evolution.


The current double of every individual is Luciferian, because it is made up of memories resulting from the human involutive condition, because too little astral energy was recovered.  The critical mass of energy needed to build a new interface between the cosmic and material planes has been reached.  The involution must stop. The recovery of the involutive curve is on.  It is the end of psychological time.



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