The ups and downs of life 

Gaétan Dubé



How can we surf or keep our balance in the trough of the wave?


The ups and downs of life are often interpreted with mechanisms that are, in themselves, ups and downs.  In the evolutionary process, it is now possible, together, to have a more lucid glance on the ups and downs of life.  Everything in life is a communication that is intended for us.


The troughs of waves appear as a normality of life; it is a normality of existence, not of life.  Life is made of ups and downs…sure…that’s life…or so we say (irony).  The ups and downs of life are the biorhythm of the soul’s programming.


We can either live them psychologically, spiritually or, still, we can demystify this biorhythm, which is to decode it and not drown on the roller coaster of polarity. 


This results in calm, a leveling of the sinusoidal curve of the soul’s experience.  The integration of the experience allows us to position ourselves in a direction of life and be less taken in by the experience of the soul.  Outsmarting the soul is possible.  It means to recover the energy wasted on the roller coaster of ups and downs.  It means to tame the wild horse of the soul’s experience.


Living this calm is not as simple as that.  It is often interpreted as boredom, like a vacuum or an emptiness.  We may be aware of this fact, but we must add the ingredient of will (the absence of doubt) to give a direction to our life.


Otherwise, we’ll feel strong and proud on the crest of the wave and, when in the trough we’ll implore the gods to help us.  In both cases, the soul will inflate with the energy of the experience.



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