The struggle between vibration and form
Gaétan Dubé
This struggle is definitely on the move in the material plane.
It is present in all recesses, from the microcosm which is our own person to the macrocosm represented by the planet at large.  It is within that struggle that the will of certain people is gradually being built.  This will or lack of doubt in their real strength will be the expression of a vibration without morality.  The power required to overthrow polarity is such that it will stir within us the slightest fibre of spirituality or insecurity, which are vestiges of our helplessness.
The verbal expression of these beings, the unique movement of their speech will shamelessly knock down our conditioning, according to the choreography orchestrated by the Light, and will piss us off  sufficiently to give us a certain momentum with our own power.
It is not with words that this struggle is set in motion, but with the two-edged sword of vibration. And to recognize this vibration within oneself is the manifestation of Light.
The enemy is common. 
We now need to come together.

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