Reality cannot be defined

Gaétan Dubé

One cannot define reality, although it is in the nature of our experimental consciousness to attempt to define the contours of anything. Defining something is always linked to our self-image. We find our self-worth in our definitions. If we say that reality cannot be defined, it’s because it must be lived without being intercepted by reflection. It takes willpower to propel reality, this inner coherence, into matter without defining it. If we open ourselves to the slightest possibility of reflection or doubt we revert back to definition to justify our action.
Reality is an inner coherence that usually shakes our personal consciousness. This inner coherence is tailor-made for the individual and has nothing to do with the ready-to-wear personal consciousness based on fear or self-doubt. When we fear our own power, we must then define ourselves in a ready-to-wear psychology. So, trying to define reality is a time or a space that we give ourselves in order to avoid confronting our own power. There are people who live their reality or their inner coherence and there are people who want to define reality and find, in its definition, the cozy atmosphere of a gregarious, historic and cultural logic.
Reality is tailor-made for the individual, an undeniable coherence that fits us like a glove. The personal or psychological consciousness is only a ready-to-wear cloak. It is a debatable, coloured and experimental consciousness which wants to define reality instead of manifesting it through will.



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