On perfectionism

Gaétan Dubé




Perfectionism is a psychological behavior that is indicative of a rigidity towards life. Under the guise of performance and capacity, this behavior hides a lack of flexibility vis-à-vis life’s various events. Over time, it becomes a fortress in which the ego puts on the cloak of a knight who wants to protect his integrity at all costs.


Having demonstrated to others and to himself the knightly virtues of his perfectionism, the ego silently suffers from his isolation.  Beyond the veneer of his armour, the ego knows, deep inside, that his power over life is limited to the territory over which he reigns.  Perfectionism and self-image are inextricably linked.  The perfectionist knows how to dance on the tip of a needle and he is very skillful.


The perfectionist has a hard time imagining himself living outside his fortress.  He thinks that he would have too much to lose, but lose what, exactly?  He doesn’t want to lose the luster for which he worked so hard and fought so valiantly.  Whenever life somewhat undermines his walls, he works twice as hard to solidify them and fiercely withdraws into himself.


Perfectionism confines us in a cramped physical and psychic territory.  If you look upon space as being infinite, imagine for one second the infinity of your spirit.


Whatever our behavior, life tends to create events which disturb or scratch the surface of our multi-faced insecurities.  Perfectionism is a form of insecurity and, despite appearances of strength, it obstructs our real power towards life.  It’s not about drawing attention to someone’s behavior, but to study it together.


The perfectionist does not inhabit life, he is inhabited by obstructive attitudes which, in their side effects, are regarded by people as being positive values of the human experience.  


Becoming aware of this, the knight will put down his armour and will leave his fortress to explore the infinite territories of his spirit. 


This is an early view on perfectionism.



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