On judgment

Gaétan Dubé


These words came to me one day while I was sitting on a terrace and I was watching a homeless person begging for his sustenance.


Judging is the flag bearer of polarity.


To judge is to conceal one’s own insecurity by drawing attention to the suffering of others.


To judge is to play the game of division.


To judge is not to know.


To judge is not to know oneself.


Not to judge is a judgment in itself.


Judging is part of the action of domination forces within us.


To judge oneself is to believe what one thinks.


To judge is to walk on our brothers’ graves.


Judging is a contagious virus.


To judge is to give no evolutionary credibility to one’s brother.


Judging is the shortcut of ignorance.


Judging is like the black light of the astral plane. It’s a kind of ligh that we can see but which has no luminosity.   


In my opinion, it is necessary to aim at the eye of the astral instead of destroying the seeds of evolution within us.




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