On freewill
Gaétan Dubé
What we call freewill is not an absolute condition.  We can honestly realize that in our daily life.  I have always thought of freewill as a rope to which we are attached and which is so long that it gives an impression of freedom.  This impression of freedom allows for a certain balance between our mind and our emotions in order for our life’s programming to express itself.  The other image that I have of freewill is one of an interface or a kind of space allowing for an information exchange between two systems: the cosmic and the material.  Or still, a kind of anteroom that allows cosmic energy to manifest itself in the material plane, without destroying its matter. This anteroom uses time. Freewill is the astral manifestation of freedom.
Programming can be defined as being the maximum  limit of acceptable or assimilable experience by the material counterpart, within the context of freewill.  Ironically, its ultimate goal would be the eradication of that freewill in order to allow the manifestation of top-down energy without the interface of freewill.  Once the eradication of freewill is completed, the questions of programming and manipulation no longer exist.  Man is then free.
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In its process of connecting with its matter, energy gradually eradicates freewill as the interface of the fifth race and builds its new evolutionary interface that the higher self or the double represents. 
The double is now the new interface between the cosmic and the material dimension.
Freewill is a mechanism that has an interface function between the cosmic part of man and its material counterpart.  Forces shake up the limits of freewill.
When there is a delay, it is, in fact, the use of time that is required to live the experience. Living without delay is to propel forces into matter without the support of freewill.  The adjustment of our soul’s flaws happens in a delayed manner and is achieved over a period of several lives. Without freewill, our vulnerabilities are more instantaneously adjusted; it becomes tit for tat.
Forces use time to manifest themselves in our bodies.  For them, time is a space of manifestation to increase the vibratory level of their counterpart, without destroying it.  It is an exercise of fine-tuning.  The adjustment of consciousness allows us to realize this.  Indeed, to be able to see forces manifest themselves in the polarized events of our lives  adjusts the way we read or interpret these events.
Descent of their energy in our lower bodies dons a polarized atmosphere. Our job is to neutralize these ambiances in the mind in order to read the initial direction of the forces. It is almost like the old proverb: “Who would eat the nut must first crack the shell". To neutralize an atmosphere is to allow an intimacy with the forces. To neutralize an atmosphere within the context of freewill is to escape its involutive aspect; it is to get out of the experience per se in order to vibrate the energy without the support of the freewill.

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