Man is the extension of his source

Gaétan Dubé


Man living in the matter is a product of the invisible planes.  Even in the impression or expression of his freewill he has always been a product of these invisible planes. He’s a product of these planes because, living in the matter, he is the extension of his source.


To die while you’re still alive means to pick the fruit from the tree of polarity.  The material man or the material extension has ripened through theages.  In some way, man was created in the image of forces: a reflection.  They now come to pick the ripe fruit, to extirpate man from the womb, from his involutive cocoon so he can breath fresh air.


Every double or counterpart has a function, in a manner of speaking.  However, a more scientific discourse will be essential in the expression of this function.  The vibration of the scientific aspect of the discourse eliminates any spiritual fibre or vision toward the invisible.  This scientific vibration has a more effective impact or penetration through the dense layers of space and time.  


De-polarization is the work of life forces.  It is done through events.  Forces use time as a space of decompression in orderto become more easily assimilated and to manifest themselves in our psychological time.  That way they increase our vibratory level in order to penetrate matter without destroying it.


Signs of their proximity in our psychological time are increasingly visible to the sensitive ego living anywhere on Earth.  The de-polarization work of nations is present through political events.  Their penetration is also present in the film industry, no need to explain further here.  They are moving closer.  At the individual level, the exacerbated nervous system reveals a certain closeness.


De-polarization amounts to an assassination by the forces.  In order to become the perfect expression or channel of his source, man will have to die while he’s still alive, in a manner of speaking.  There is always a price to pay in the exchange.




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