Extraterrestrial or interplanar intelligences

Gaétan Dubé


The understanding that the masses have regarding the extraterrestrial phenomenon is ludicrous, not that the phenomenon is ludicrous in itself, but the generalized attitude towards these intelligences is disputable to the eyes of individuals who are advancing in the evolutionary process.
The question of knowing whether or not we are alone in the universe is an involutive question.  There is the physical universe on which modern science and its laws rely on, and there is the evolving being who is starting to individualize himself, to live his life in a vertical way, unlike the horizontality of the general population.   Whether this population believes or does not believe that it is alone, it evidently does not know to which Saint to pray in order to develop some kind of internal peace.  


It then seems to become important to face this phenomenon as one of the most important events to manage from one’s verticality.  The extraterrestrial phenomenon is an extraordinary opportunity to measure our capacity to maintain a balance between our mental and emotional states in order for this ultimate meeting to become an evolutive springboard instead of being an astralizing abyss.  In other words, this intervention from outer-space or outer-plane will have a catalytic effect on a planet like ours.  It will have a perverse effect on many people, while for others, it will be a way to impose their universal status and to work creatively with these new stakeholders.  Those intelligences are patiently waiting also to evolve because cosmic love is unknown to them and the evolving man represents the cradle of a new expansion in the local universe.
The way we look at the visible or invisible world must go beyond the fictitious or spiritual images of the extraterrestrial phenomenon.  Otherwise, it will be lived in a karmic way instead of a creative way.



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