« Conflict » in the evolutionary process
On the nature of conflict
Gaétan Dubé
Conflict is an opportunity. 
Conflict is an opportunity of adjusting the aim of energy’s direction.  Conflict puts antagonistic moods into perspective; these moods must be neutralized in the mind and allow the guiding vibration to emerge to the surface of our consciousness.  
Conflict is a guided event which points out to the walker that he has stones in his shoes.  The degree of the conflict, whatever it is, is proportional to the need of energy’s integration.  Taking off one’s shoes and removing the stones is intelligent.  Otherwise, the walk will long and painful; in other words, progressive and non-creative.
Conflict slows us down in order to prevent us from rolling over in a curve that we don’t see coming. 
To confer a negative value to conflict is to add stones to one’s shoes. 
Conflict is the astral part of opportunity. 
Let’s neutralize conflict of its involutive aspect and life forces will bend at the knees to light up our road. 
To untangle conflict? 
A lot of conflict is untangled through diplomacy on the planet.  It is not necessarily transformed into a creative solution, but rather swept under the carpet until next time.  Trying to untangle conflict is a psychological attitude.
To transform the mood of a conflict into creativity or into an opportunity is hardly perceivable by the ego that functions solely interfacing with freewill, because it cannot see the game that is being played without its knowledge and it will live the conflict as an experience, towed by the soul.
To be able to see the opportunity in a conflict or in a crisis is a quantum leap of intelligence. 
Any conflict or crisis contains a direction of life if man has enough will to put his ego on the back burner in order to create a climate of real communication between him and other planes.  To put the ego on the back burner requires the neutralization of the polarized environment that inhabits him, which will allow him to enjoy a form of privacy with his new interface or higher self.  
When you experience a conflict or crisis that paralyses you,  try to freeze this atmosphere in your mind…that’s not psychology…it happens between you and you…in the face of this willpower, life forces will, in their own time, light the way for you.  Through conflict, you can see their involvement in how your direction of life is changing.  However, this does not mean that your ego will be pleased to change course.  In the progressive disintegration of freewill, in which you were building yourself a sense to life to better bear it, you now enter into a direction of life.  That’s when you notice a significant difference between a sense to life and a direction of life.
“Depression” (nervous breakdown) was a form of conflict between the forces and me.  Over time, the ego disengages itself from the crisis and begins to see the opportunity behind the crisis.  To go in the forces' direction, a sufficient period of suffering was needed.  When I finally read this event or depression as an opportunity, as a springboard, they let me breathe and lit up the road a bit.  But nothing is given freely.  They are behind each event, whether individual or planetary.  We cannot put a stop to events from happening.  However, the way we deal with them or our connection to them is changing through the interface of the higher self or double.  Honestly speaking, within this movement, the fear of thinking that you are getting crazy is almost ever-present.
To go in a direction of life or to go in the forces' direction almost inevitably creates an atmosphere of manipulation in our mind.  Haven’t we also been manipulated under the sacrosanct freewill, anyway?
An atmosphere of crisis or conflict is like a mosquito bite.  The more you scratch it, the more it itches.

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