Communication with others
Gaétan Dubé
Communication is a sensitive subject for most of us who are in an evolutionary process.  At the beginning of the discovery of this new psychology, a person lives an energy descent which often and in most cases expresses itself through speech.  Speech is the fastest means of conveyance for the spirit.  At first, it comes out a bit clumsily.  One realizes that the expected impact is not what was intended and this causes internal tensions which brings the ego to ultimately develop a patience of the spirit.  In other words, the person puts himself in an initiation mode when, at the beginning, he excessively looks for the recognition of others regarding what he says.
Unlike what we sometimes think, the objective is not to be in an initiation mode, but to become intelligent, which is to contain energy.  As long as there are personality flaws, one will live in the initiation mode.  To look for the initiation is an involutive spiritual attitude which feeds the ties of power of the invisible over the visible. 
The subtle unconscious relationship between the world of death and our intellect constitutes the foundation of the power of death over matter.  This is why we should never believe what we think.  Believing or developing a mindset towards thoughts that come into our head maintains this power.
In order to really communicate with others, one must recognize the principle of communication within oneself.  Thinking is a communication within oneself, except that the ego loves to seize a few clever sentences on the way and this is when he starts astralising the communication with himself and with others.  Like the tower of Babel!
The notion of not taking yourself seriously defuses, as much as possible, a certain astralization of the communication with others.  However, if this concept is overly used, it will prevent the real investigation of energy.
Another principle of real communication is to recognize that any human being is « intelligent », that any person has some intelligence. 
The objective of a good conversation is to unmask the astrality of thought through the intervention of others:  united we stand.  It’s a matter of  rooting out the elements which tend to keep us under the involutive slavery that divides humans.  In other words, to point out the forms that weigh down our mind, including those that we most hold dear, those that have the most power over us.  We have to pay ourselves this luxury of taking apart the astral world.  Investigate the invisible like it’s never been done before.

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