Between the cosmic and the material

Gaétan Dubé


Between the cosmic and the material dimensions there is freewill, which is currently in the process of being changed or upgraded by means of the interface of the higher self. To be conscious is to realize this; however, to be conscious of something is not enough. You can be conscious of the fact that smoking is not good for you, but it’s not enough to make you stop this behaviour. Without willpower, consciousness is not sufficient.



The interface of the higher self brings the awareness of a communication within the mind. Beforehand, this communication was taking place under the guise of freewill in order to allow a certain balance between the mental and the emotional dimensions. Gradually, this unconscious relationship that we used to have with the planes now reveals itself to our ego. This new movement from the cosmic to the material is registered in all our bodies and is received according to the form of the container: whether it’s intellectual, scientific, psychological, philosophical or supramental.


«Not to believe» is one of the great keys of evolution that was given to us for the foundation of any relationship between the ego and the cosmic dimension. It is now, at the dawn of this permutation of interface, that we become aware of the real importance of this key. Not that simple. One of the first advantages of not believing is to allow us to build a communication ground within ourselves that, with time, will validate or verify the impenetrability of our first dealings in this new relationship with our cosmic dimension.

It’s all about developing our own identity through communication and exchange.



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