A decision is not a choice

Gaétan Dubé


A choice is an involutive type of proposal when an individual is unable to make a decision according to his coherence.  In a decision-making process, the individual is not emotionally involved in alternatives that come from outside of him.


A decision is indisputable.  It’s a perfect coherence between one’s material and cosmic parts.  A decision is tailor-made for you while a choice is a ready-to-wear.  In a decision, there is no choice.  Choice is to freewill what decision is to the double.


Having no authority on his life, the individual seeks that authority outside of himself and, consequently, choosing becomes essential.  In fact, choosing occurs when you experience self-doubt and is part of one’s life programming or experience.  When you cannot decide, you must choose.


Evolution is an individual process.  In this process, the individual gradually comes to making decisions based on the new relationship between his material and cosmic parts, thus he is not subjected to the tension of choice which rests on experience only.


We are often asked if we made the right choice.  A choice is defined as the best value for money of an experience.  There is no certainty in a choice.  Have you bought the right RRSP? The right insurance? The right car?  Have you chosen the right spouse? Should you get vaccinated?  In all these circumstances, we took the best value for money featured that particular week.


A decision is not a choice that is taken in the “circular” of existence.  A decision does not follow fashion, a line of thought, a philosophy, or some other impulse.  It is closely linked to our inner coherence.  A decision fits you like a glove whereas in a choice, the glove is either too small or too large, therefore polarized.



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