Worldwide Esoterism
Gaétan Dubé 
Worldwide esoterism is the Trojan horse of the obstructive forces. In spite of its great eminence and its ancient knowledge, esoterism failed to extirpate suffering from man’s life and to make him free. Be it from the East or the West, it could never break through the mysteries of life. 
In fact, esoterism only enhanced mysteries and mesmerized human beings in order to keep them captive of their ignorance. It is only through an individualized consciousness, this inner coherence that can distance itself from all forms of magnetism, that people will be able to free themselves from these mysteries.
Mysteries were used to keep men in line, but currently, they are an insult to our consciousness. Those who will be able to free themselves from these mysteries will no longer be attracted by this aura which keeps the power in the hands of obstructive forces.
This aura of mysteries will be hit right between the eyes through the spoken word (the vibration of its sound) of the individualized being who is no longer influenced by ancient knowledge.
Moreover, it is not because esoteric knowledge is thousands of years old that it is real. If it had had any real power or authenticity, it would have changed the vibration of the Earth. It was never the case.
Québec is the spearhead, this iron which will first penetrate the ancient veneer of esoterism and thus expose the insidious infiltration of the astral plane; of which the most beautiful and subtle forms succeeded in preventing men from having access to their freedom and their own intelligence.

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