Forces as accelerators of life

Gaétan Dubé



From the year 2012, from their world, life forces will gradually bring a significant increase in the vibratory level to the globe. This energy will be previously felt on subtle planes and will inevitably aggravate or exacerbate the astral plane.  This turmoil will have a catalytic effect on the material condition: the explosion of polarity.


Therefore, it seems important to manage this phenomenon from our verticality or centricity.  For some, it will become an evolutionary platform and for others, an astralizing abyss.  Over time, this dose of new energy will create a series of events out of reach of memory as to their explanation.  Gradually and in spite of all their efforts, science and spirituality will have to recognize that there is something which escapes their intelligence or awareness.


Year 2012 is only the beginning of an acceleration of life.  Man’s bodies will be pressured.  These events will have to be perceived individually, from our own centre of gravity.  Otherwise, they will become an opportunity for a mental and emotional imbalance unheard of before and of which the perverse effects are already being felt by sensitive people.



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