Love : the woman’s first and ultimate flaw
Michèle Robinson

The modern woman thinks that she knows her own body. Science has explained its functioning to her in detail.  Religion has lost its ascendency over her guilt about her desire to enjoy it as she sees fit.  So, she has learned to use it for her own pleasure.  However, she still suffers from love despite all the social movements that led her to emancipation in various fields, over the years.


How is it that she is still, to her dismay, as enslaved by the vapours of love and always ends up suffering because of it?  Because she does not know her own body.  She believes that she is above her animality.  She thinks that her love for man, this noble feeling, has nothing to do with her physicality except for the pleasure of joining with him, and she believes that she does so freely.   It is the ultimate lie.  The lie that prevents her from fully accessing herself and making her what she must become: a vibratory woman.


This animalistic and unconscious desire to be impregnated propels her into a seduction mode that is no different from the one all animals go through in this world of polarity.  It is the purpose of procreation.  But unlike animals, the woman’s thinking process makes her believe that she is in love, and this causes her a pain de facto created by a lack of intelligence which gives her the feeling of being incomplete without the other, hence her desire to monopolize the man.  This unbalances her and makes her live through emotions which are sometimes euphoric and sometimes violently painful.


The woman has not yet realized that Love comes from the link with her own spirit and that she must first love herself in order to break the vicious circle of her desire to please and the desire of man wanting to possess her.  When she has learned to contain her emotions and to keep a calm solar plexus against man’s beautiful speech, which usually goes straight to her heart, her blindness will be overthrown by an awareness that will allow her to finally understand that “falling in love” was only a hormonal illusion.


Strengthened by this realization, she will then take back her right to speak and to communicate intelligently. In her new interactions with the sensitive man, he will come to realize that his power over her and over the world has done them both a grave disservice and has resulted in our planet becoming a land of fire and blood. From now on, she will withdraw from all relationships where domination is trying to emerge, because she will have overcome the domination of her animality and the ensuing astrality.  In any form of alliance, she will forever refuse to accept the silences which should be spoken, the words which should be left unspoken and the speeches which are not accompanied by actions.


Seduction will become that which it should always have been: a conscious game. Confrontation will be finished for these couples who are evolving in consciousness, because they will have understood what it means to be truly free. The woman will vibrate of her brightest fires and create with man tomorrow’s world where winning the peace is more important than winning the war.