Living your life on Earth

Michèle Robinson


The fusion process between the ego and its cosmic counterpart pulls the sensitive being into an ascending vortex which has become accessible to him. This vortex propels him into a world that unveils the other side of his planetary and material reality. He develops an incredible sensitivity to this new energy, which is and can continue to be, psychologically and psychically unbalancing. He is living the solar initiation. Despite the suffering that is manifested in the material and mental dimensions and which is needed for the eradication of conscious and unconscious memories, the person tends to let himself be possessed by that energy and often loses the will to stay firmly rooted in the matter.

As time goes by, the person may  become  fond of his suffering because it gives him the impression that he is evolving. The reprieves necessary to his well-being make him afraid that he has lost  contact with his source. This is a very subtle spiritual illusion that is hard to neutralize because the person often thinks that he is already over this type of illusion. But in reality, it is the domination's other side. Whether dominated by the anti-life or systemic dimensions, the threads that manipulate the puppet are not any less real. In his battle to absolutely overcome any type of belief, the person ends up failing to believe in his right to be happy or to the possibility of happiness. He then stays in a perpetual initiation process.

On the other hand, some people are so afraid of being caught in situations that will make them suffer that they forbid themselves the enjoyment of the pleasures of life by no longer exposing themselves to them. By withdrawing from happy opportunities in an attempt to avoid painful events, they believe that they have the upper hand on the life forces that cause them suffering. The pain of solitude that they think they are imposing on themselves denies them the right to a balanced life; this sabotage process makes life dull. One way or the other, the fear of not suffering enough or of suffering too much keeps them in a spiritual prison, within an atrophied materiality.

This type of situation can last for years before the person finally decides to extirpate himself from this vicious circle.  He must use his will to live in the matter and force this energy to descend in order to apply it to every part of his material life so it has the quality  proportional to his intelligence. Freedom must be lived simultaneously in the mental and material dimensions. Real power comes from the ability to stop playing the game of the spirit by rationalizing and justifying one’s inaction in the name of the vibration.  To again become  the sun of one’s own universe instead of orbiting around a mesmerizing force, is to cease to live on the outskirts of the centre which has been given up to the invisible dimension and take it back as one’s own. The spirit will not take care of our material wellbeing. The person must take action, be in movement, and let the Other in him do his job of fusing with the matter instead of trying to do it for him. To each one his own function.