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The Planetary Association for Clean Energy Inc.
Andrew Michrowski
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The other in you
-Evolutionary psychology-
L'autre en vous
-Psychologie évolutionnaire-

Someone is trying to contact you.  Do you hear him?  He is so far away in time that his messages are a mere shadow of themselves when arrived at destination.  Shadow?  But who is shadowing life to make it an ordeal where lies and suffering are the daily lot of so many of you?  A world of memories which, through your thoughts, hides within you and took up residence in your bodies.  Foreigners who have hung up their hats in your home and who live in it as masters, at the expense of your vital energies.  To such an extent that you confuse these memories, these dead energies, with yourselves, through an individuality which you take for your identity.  But a shadow does not exist without light, and the time comes when the Other in you, this light that you are, is moving in to regain his rightful place.


                                                        Michèle Robinson




Space collective

«Space Collective is a community driven website where information and ideas are being exchanged about the current state of our species, our planet and the universe.»

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Reality is its own reward.
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Eleanor Longden: The voices in my head

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