The spirit in which New Insight exists



Principles of authority and competence and how they fit in both the involutive and evolutionary modes:


  • Involutive mode: Presence of authority in the competence.
  • Evolutionary mode: Presence of competence in the authority.


Through our work or social life experiences, we were repeatedly in touch with people whose positions required some leadership to achieve a specific objective. Often, the objective was indeed reached, but at a price. In these specific cases, the authority used in the exercise of their functions lacked competence or long-term vision. This type of authority establishes employee / employer relationships known in most companies.


These people are obviously hired for their abilities; but these abilities are part of an astral authority which channels the power within a person who must equally bear its burden throughout the years. This is why unions play the role of balancing those relationships.


In an evolutionary mode, the actions of the person primarily “responsible” for the achievement of objectives are based on the “competence of his authority” and creates, thereby, a workspace free from the astralizing burden of power where everybody can have access to their creativity and intelligence.


This mode of behaviour removes the employee / employer astral relationship and reveals a new dynamic of connectedness among the company’s stakeholders  where the requirement for a union is no longer necessary. What is interesting in this business is the fact that, above all, every stakeholder must develop competence in his authority. This competence becomes the glue in relationships and a source of creativity, because it grants a “right to speak ".  During meetings, an individual who is competent in his authority and has this right of speech can dislodge any form of astral infiltration and can preserve the creative climate. For example, personal insecurity would affect the dynamics of creativity. 


Competence in the authority indicates a verticality of the person who puts into motion the beginning of a real micro society.


The frame of mind created by competence in the authority disunites with any involutive aspect of labour relations, creates businesses impervious to the astral influence and provides creative results. In our opinion, New Insight could become a platform for the channeling of energy which would produce totally new products or services for totally new needs, thereby becoming a laboratory of depolarization for participants. When an individual can no longer sustain the driving force required by this new dynamic, he can then self-eject to grant himself integration time that is more respectful of his person, only to return at a later point.


Finally, this outline is not a statue in time, but the beginning of  energy in motion.